Not receiving push notifications on some iOS devices

I have some users complaining that they are not receiving push notifications on iOS.

I’ve tested sending to their push token with both Expo’s v1 and v2 push notification API but nothing is received. The push API returns:
<Response [200]>

The same push tests work fine on my Android and iOS devices.

They do have push notification permissions enabled. No notifications are received when the app is backgrounded, foregrounded, or not running.

Is there anything I can do to investigate? Is there still an iOS outage for some types of devices?

Hey @mlight,

We’ll be pushing out a fix regarding iOS push notification issues. We had to wait for TestFlight to come back up to test the fix. Hopefully we’ll be pushing it out early this week. Sorry for the delay! I’ll circle back when we push out the fix.



Thanks, does this mean a new ‘exp build:ios’ will be required once the fix is confirmed?

By the way, this is an SDKv20 app.

hey @mlight, did you upload new credentials/certificates recently by any chance? Sorry for the inconvenience.

Edit: Also, could you check if your certificates have expired (they expire after 1 year).

Hi @quinlanj, no I just let Expo handle the certs and the push certs were created in January 2018.

I’m having the same problem. Certificates are valid until 2019. I get 200 OK back from Expo, but still not notifications. Will investigate some more, but it seems to only affect some iOS app users, and it doesn’t seem to correlate with one spesific app build.

It’s still happening to me - I tried to create another build in case there was a temporary build issue but that didn’t help. Customers complaining are on iPhone 5s, 6 and X.


Yesterday I tried compare the users not receiving with the users receiving and I couldtn’t find any correlations. Tested with two iphoneX, same app-version and build, both accepted to receive notifications, same iOS-version, same everything, but one didn’t receive notifications and the other did, even though I got 200 OK from expo when sending the notification.

But today, notifications just suddenly startet working again. I haven’t done anything and have no idea why.

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