Expo Push Notifications not received on iOS

I am working on an app using push notifications.
The problem is I am not receiving push notifications on iOS devices even with the Push Notification Tool. On Android, everything works well. I 've uninstalled/reinstalled and logged out from the expo iOS client but the problem still persists. The only notable change I made in my app was updating to SDK v33.
Any idea on what I might be doing wrong?

Hi @ceessay! Sorry about this. So it was working before you upgraded to SDK 33? If so, which SDK were you on before?

Also- I recommend trying out this example snack with your device. Push notifications should work with it, if not there must be something outside of your code having an affect

Hi @charliecruzan ! Thanks for the reply. I was using SDK 31 before, I decided to upgrade directly to SDK 33 after it’s release (I don’t know if I should have done that). But even after reverting to SDK 31 push notification still didn’t work. I decided to stick with version 33 for now

Ok now after a few tests with the suggested snack I have the same situation. But what noticed is the data of the push notification is received by my ios device but the notification banner is not shown. On Android both the notifs baner and the data are shown.

The notification banner won’t be shown on iOS if the app is open. (that’s a specific functionality for iOS)

Does the banner show if you background the app before sending?

You’re absolutely right! I tested with the app was closed and the notif banner did show up. I didn’t know about this details. Is it specific to Expo apps or is it an iOS platform rule ? (I have an android background, never worked on iOS app development)

Afaik, this is across the iOS platform, not specific to Expo. A common solution is to just show the notification manually. For example, if you get a message on Messenger for iOS, have the app foregrounded, but do not have that conversation open, you will see the notification slide down from the top of the screen with a custom notification UI.

I’ve finally implemented something similar to your proposal. I’ll post about it soon. Thanks again!

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