Publish with no effect

Hello there,
First of all, many thanks to the expo team for all your great work, you make my life much easier.

I have an app still running on sdk17, it’s a detached app, since it was put to the app store I did bunch of publishes through xde and all worked fine, last was on Feb. 16th.
Now I had to add new feature, which I did, but now after publishing, installed apps do not load new js, they still load old js bundle without my new feature.

Any pointers why?


Hey @danijel,

What kind of changes did you make to your app? Some changes require you to rebuild your binaries and submit to see updates take effect.

Side note: Can you try opening and killing your app a couple times to see if that causes the updated JS bundle to be fetched.



Hey @adamjnav ,
I just added one more screen/form, nothing to require new ipa/apk build.
I tried bunch of kill/open bunch of times, I also tried remove and install from app store again.


The bundle loading policies for the server & client changed significantly over the past year. It’s difficult to say what the issue with SDK 17 is. The best advice I can provide is to update your app to work with SDK 25 and submit new versions to the App Store and Google Play, and regularly stay up to date.

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