Upgarde expo inside standalone app, bundle url

Hi @Expo,

I have a question and one other thread inside the forum was not resolve my issue.

With expo version 16 I published my app the the appstores, everything runs very well,
thanks to your brialliant system.

Now I prepare a bigger update with upgrade expo to version 18, after I finished I will
build new stand alone ipa file and upload it to the app store.

Now my question will the version 16 app still working? Have you insert the sdk version
inside the bundle url, or will the v16 apps try to load the v18 bundle and crash if I use
new functions?

Thanks a lot,


The users who have the SDK16 app from the app store will continue to get the latest version of SDK16 JS code that you’ve published.

Once they update to the SDK18 version of the app from the app store, they’ll start getting the SDK18 JS code you last published.

If you want to update stuff for the SDK16 app users, you have to publish another version of your JS against SDK16.

We think this behavior basically makes sense and is what you want but let us know if this doesn’t work for you.

Hi @ccheever,

thanks for your answer, the main thing is that nothing will be broken after publish a new build :slight_smile: