Publish App to Expo App: how to get latest version?

I’m sure this is a simple issue, but i can’t find the answer.

As I’m developing I’m just publishing my app so that the Expo app can load it.
i.e. in XDE i hit publish. Then on my phone I open the XDE application and load it either from my profile or by searching for it.

This works, but I can’t seem to get the latest version I have published.

  • I have modified my code
  • changed version number in app.json.
  • hit publish in xde

XDE successfully uploads the new bundle, but I can’t figure out how to get the expo app to load the new version.
What do I do?

The other answers i get when searching on this topic all have to do with once the app is standalone and published to a respective app store.

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@wexpo Are you using detach mode (expokit) ?

Make sure you have the latest Expo client. If you have an older client that supports up to SDK 19 and you upgrade your project to SDK 20 and publish it, your client will only get the older version of your project that was made for SDK 19.

You also can try force quitting the Expo app and re-opening it. You shouldn’t have to do that but when you go to reopen your project (make sure it’s the published URL) it will make the app check again to see if there’s and update.

@firdausious no.

@ide I just moved to 20 now, but even on 19 it didn’t seem to be auto updating to the latest published version. The Expo client app is the latest avail on play store.
I’ll pay attention moving foward with 20.

As a side note, to get around this at the moment, I have created a screen with a button that calls Expo.Util.reload() so at least I can instruct users to hit refresh.