Standalone apps not updating when I publish

Pretty much what the headline says.

I’ve been able to update my iOS and Android apps by running exp publish before but, since yesterday it hasn’t worked.

I’ve recently updated to exp SDK 26 and I’m curious if that has something to do with it.

Any ideas?

Hey @cryan,

Just for clarification, what kind of updates are you making?

There are some changes that require you to rebuild your binary and submit a new build to the app stores for changes to take effect.



Hey @adamjnav,

Thanks for getting back to me! I made changes to a components for my signin screen. I also updated the app.json to include splash and update properties.

Changes to your splash screen will require submitting a new IPA and APK to the stores because the splash screen is embedded in the native apps. You should be able to deploy JS changes more easily, though. In particular, the new Updates API in SDK 26 lets you more finely control the policy for getting JS updates.

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