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  1. SDK Version: Latest
  2. Platforms(iOS):

in Setting up the ( Android Studio’s tools) Step 1

[ -d "$HOME/Library/Android/sdk" ] && ANDROID_SDK=$HOME/Library/Android/sdk || ANDROID_SDK=$HOME/Android/Sdk
echo "export ANDROID_SDK=$ANDROID_SDK" >> ~/`[[ $SHELL == *"zsh" ]] && echo '.zshenv' || echo '.bash_profile'`

Do I need to change anything inside this code  ?  
im a beginner so please help me.


If you want to start with Expo, there is no need to do anything with Android Studio. You might need it later if you need to make use of a module that is not included with Expo that requires native code. But there’s a lot you can do without worrying about Android Studio.

  1. Install the Expo app onto your phone from the Play store.
  2. Make sure you have nodejs installed on your PC/Mac. At least version 10.x, but rather version 12.x or 14.x.
  3. In a terminal window, run npm install -g expo-cli
  4. Run expo init your-app-name
  5. Change to the directory created by the previous step: cd your-app-name
  6. Run expo start
  7. Open the Expo app on your phone and scan the QR code printed by the previous step. (Your phone and PC should be on the same network)
  8. Open App.js in a text editor and start making changes.

Then check and read through the walkthrough for the managed workflow.

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Thank you
you solved my problem

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