Error: The Expo SDK requires Expo

I don’t want to use Expo any more. I just want to use react native with Android Studio.

But when I ran expo eject, am getting error when running on Android Emulator.

“Error: The Expo SDK requires Expo to run”

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I fixed this issue by removing all “import from expo” references.

Also, had to comment out stuff in Java related to unimodules.

Hey, @gkhatib

Glad you got things figured out but sad to see you go. If you have the time, I’d love to hear what made you want or need to stop using Expo for your project!


Hi @adamjnav

Upgrading the expo sdk was time consuming for me and there was always the unnerving possibility that I wouldn’t be able to fix issues that came up during the upgrade.

Also, my app is for Asian markets where ppl have cheaper phones and the size of the apk file is important.

Without expo apk file size is much smaller.


Thanks for following up and sharing that, @gkhatib. Best of luck with your project moving forward!