Upgrading expo SDK and expo cli - is NodeJS upgrade needed too?

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 36 to 38
  2. Platforms - Android and iOS
  3. Expo SDK, expo-cli, nodeJS

I was working on a tutorial in React Native with expo, where the expo-cli was 3.20.9 and Expo SDK was 38. So in trying to run an expo build on 38 it told me I needed to update the expo-cli - I did so from 3.20.9 to 4.7.3. But after doing so, it alerts me that

ERROR: Node.js v12.8.0 is no longer supported.
expo-cli supports following Node.js versions:
* >=12.13.0 <13.0.0 (Maintenance LTS)
* >=14.0.0 <15.0.0 (Active LTS)

So do I just need to download a 12.13 or greater ver of Node to install and then run this? Please confirm, expo community. Thank you!

hello! yes this is correct. we follow the node release support calendar: Releases | Node.js

thank you! I am downloading the Node 12.22 ver build and will install it now, and get going with the new vers of all!
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Another question. I tried emailing the support staff about the Expo phone app. I have ver 2.15 and it says it supports SDKs 34, 35, 36 and 37. I am now running SDK38. Where can I get an apk file that will allow me to run Expo SDK 38?

run expo client:install:ios and/or expo client:install:android in your project directory

to update the phone app on either an Android phone or IOS or both?

Do I connect the phone via USB to the computer while I run this cmd? I don’t recall doing this before.

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Great news! I got it successfully installed on my Android phone and got the app working. I tried to install to the ios phone from my build (currently on Win) and it didn’t do it. Asked to go to the app store and then failed. Is it possible from a Win pc to install it to a connected IOS phone?

it is not possible to install an older version of expo go on an iphone, you’ll need to use a simulator which requires a macos device. in this future this will be mitigated by being able to build your own custom development clients, but we don’t have a way for users to build and install old versions of expo go on their phone. this is easier on android because you can install any apk on your device, on ios you need to distribute through much more restrictive mechanisms.

Oh ok, thanks for the clarification, Brent. I’d probably have to jailbreak the phone or something and maybe even then it’s probably not possible. I look forward to that future custom dev client build scenario!

i would suggest biting the bullet and updating to a more recent sdk version. sdk 39 is still supported in expo go. you could update to that and make your way towards 42, then you won’t technically need to update for another year before we drop support from expo go.

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