Performance issues switching from Managed to Bare workflows

Hi there,

We recently upgraded the Expo SDK from 41 to 44 and Ejected Expo from the Managed to Bare Workflow. Instead of using Expo Classic Build we are now using EAS build to create APK and IPA builds.

The app performance is incredibly slow for APK and IPA builds. I understand that the managed workflow took care of a lot of configuration. I am not sure what more configurations I need to be aware of to get the builds to perform as they did before. Please let me know, any pointers will help.

Workflow being used: Bare Workflow
CLI Version: eas-cli/0.48.2 darwin-x64 node-v16.13.2

What I have tried so far:
Removing Console.logs
Turning off Js Dev (for the emulator)

hi there! you could try doing a development build of your app and then using profiling tools like the performance profiler in react-devtools to determine the source of performance problems. learn more about development builds: Introduction - Expo Documentation