are builds created from eas build --profile development --platform ios treated as bare workflow?

After testing push notification work well in Expo Go, I wanted to test outside of Expo Go - build ios app through eas build --profile development --platform ios and now I am getting [Unhandled promise rejection: Error: No experienceId or projectId found. If one or the other can’t be inferred from the manifest (eg. in bare workflow), you have to pass one in yourself.] when I try to get expo push token. What am I missing here?

Did you ever figure this out?

My understanding is you need to either expo eject or expo prebuild to get on the bare workflow. You’ll know because you’ll have android and ios folders in your root directory

No. Both managed and bare workflow (or even plain react native) apps can be build with eas build --profile development --platform ios.

If I were to guess, I think you might have run expo run:ios at some point. That effectively turns your app into a bare workflow app.

If the above applies to you, see this message for what you can do about it.

Right. And expo run:ios or expo run:android runs expo prebuild before building your app.

Hey, old post, but yes. I figured out.

Even with managed workflow if you do EAS build you need to feed experienceId when using Expo-Notification.

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This was the solution! Thank you! Notifications - Expo Documentation