How do I build a bare workflow app?

Is there a guide somewhere for how to build an app that’s in the bare workflow state? The Expo docs just seem to say “you figure it out”? I know I can’t use expo build, but I need to know what I do need to use! Or at the very least what to google?

you could use eas build if you want: EAS Build - Expo Documentation - this is as easy as expo build and will just work out of the box.

otherwise it’s no different than building an ios / android app without using any expo tools, so that’s why we don’t provide documentation for it. you can follow this guide for ios and this guide for android if you like

out of curiosity - which text did you read that gave you the “you figure it out” feeling? we’re in the process of updating our docs to point to EAS Build as we get closer to general availability (it’s currently in feature preview) and i’d like to ensure we have the text that you encountered all covered

Hi @t3db0t

Now that the Expo team has released EAS Build it is possible to stick with the managed workflow in many/most cases where you would have needed to eject to the bare workflow.

This section: Bare Workflow Walkthrough - Expo Documentation is what I was referring to :slight_smile:

Thank you for the build guide links, those are exactly what I’m looking for. I would much rather use EAS Build though, but is there any idea of when it will be generally available?

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we’re looking to have it ready for general availability before the end of the year!

So if I pay for the priority plan now, I can use EAS Build for a bare workflow project immediately?


Or you could build on your own machine with eas build --local.

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Oh perfect, thank you!

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