package version compatibility

i thought i was close to releasing my first app but maybe my packages have aged since i started the project. It seems that some components want expo 48, others require 46. i just want it to work on apple store and play store. When trying to run via xcode, i got an error that i was missing some architecture and reverted to rosetta, yet apple store version just crashes. So before I rebuild everything, I was going to update my packages, but not sure if updating all of them are necessary. Any tips on this?

Hi @textual

Generally you should install dependencies using npx expo install the-dependency. This will ensure that a version compatible with your version of the Expo SDK is installed.

To check the dependency versions, try these:

npx expo-doctor
npx expo install --check

So this is a Bare workflow app?

I recently started running via xcode once my builds were failing from platform delivery, from here: debug runtime issues Debugging runtime issues - Expo Documentation

Ok. You might want to delete your android and ios directories to switch back to the managed workflow. Then try sorting out the depdndency versions with npx expo-doctor and npx expo install --check.

If it doesn’t build, post the details. If you also post your build URL then one of the Expo team members might have a look there. The rest of us can’t see your build logs.

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