If I do a build for a new version will my app already on the app store get updated?

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dumb question im sure, but I’m coming back to a project after a few months. It was using sdk 19. I’ve upgraded everything and now its running on sdk 25 locally. it is a standalone app in the app store, so im trying to figure out the safe release procedure. if i publish on expo, will the existing standalone app build with 19 see the new bundle and try to get it? that would fail. any ideas on how this works?

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  • each time you run a build, it uses the latest version of expokit
  • each version of expokit supports a range of expo versions, from the latest released version (at the time of writing, sdk 25, if you’re ever wondering what this is just go to docs.expo.io and look at the version picker) to perhaps ~7 or so versions behind. the latest supported version at the time of writing is sdk 19.
  • months pass, you decide to go back and update your old app to the latest version and rebuild.
  • at this point, your previous build on the app store will support only up to the latest version that was released when you last built it. it will not receive any updates for any newer releases.

another way to handle this, in a way that is very explicit, is to use release channels and create a new release channel for every time you run a build. read more about that here: https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/guides/release-channels.html

Is there a way to let the old app code know that new app has been released and request user to update the app binary via App Store / Play Store?

If I release my app binary now with sdk25 and release a new app with sdk27 few months later, what is the best way to make the sdk25 app binary let user know that newer version of app is available in the App Store/Play Store?

there’s no built in tool for that but you can build that without too much hassle! apple / google probably expose a web api to check for latest app version, then you can just compare that with the one in your app

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