On first build, keystore was not available, 2nd build is signed bad

For my first build I did this command: expo build:android -t app-bundle. It worked succesfully, gave me a bundle, I then uploaded to Play Store and got my v1.0.0 out. I did a expo fetch:android:keystore however it gave an error saying nothing found.

Now today, I needed to get next version out. I did expo build:android -t app-bundle and it made a build but I think it used a new key. I did expo fetch:android:keystore and it gave it to me, downloaded the jks. When I go to upload this to Play Store I now get error that is signed with a different key:

Google Support - Use Play App Signing - Play Console Help - says I can send them my upload_certificate.pem and they will replace it with this key, however I can’t find this. I only get a jks file. Is there something I can do?

Run expo fetch:android:upload-cert it will fetch current keystore and extract public key into pem file

Thank you @wkozyra what I did was follow your steps here to create a PEM from the JKS - Goodge App Singing Reset

And then I sent google that pem and they applied, they said it will work by tomorrow, Ill try uploading update and then report back. Thanks for teh reply!

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