Expo build android has reset my keystore

I have sometimes not using Expo doing app. But when I today use expo build:android to rebuild my existing android app. But it seems some issue that prompt me again for let Expo doing keystore or upload my own keystore, so I continue let Expo to handle my keystore. After that, when I reupload my app to google app store, then I realize the app keystore is mismatch with google play store.

My question is can I retrieve back my previous few version keystore, its alias and .pem file since I let Expo to handle everything?

Hi, did you change your slug in app.json? If you change it back old keystore should be available.

There is no way to restore previous version. If the above is not a case, you can run expo fetch:android:upload-cert it will generate .pem file for your new keystore. With that you can contact google support team to reset your keystore after that your current keystore will be valid.

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