Google app update

I wanted to upload a new version of the app but I got this error.
"You uploaded an APK that is not signed with the upload certificate. You must use the same certificate. "
I think maybe because the one who upload the app used different keystore than mine. Can this issue be resolved?


If you have access to original keystore run build:android -c and specify all credentials manually (keystore file, keystore password, alias and alias password).
If app supports google play app signing you can ask the support team to reset your keystore (In your case it does because error message mentioned upload certificate).

@wkozyra thanks for your reply.
I don’t have the access anymore. I ask the google play support to reset the keystore but he wanted me to build it using android studio which I think i need to eject from expo? Please advise.


Why they wanted you to build using android studio? The only thing you should need to reset upload keystore is to provide public cert from that keystore, you can get it using
expo fetch:android:upload-cert.

@wkozyra thanks for your reply. I was able to get the .jks and generate the upload_certificate.pem using the keytool command and sent that to them. Thanks for your help

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