Notification Status Bar Icon

Hi all!

I’m trying to set the Status Bar Icon for my app notification.
The app.json doc doesn’t do what it says.

Local path or remote url to an image to use as the icon for push notifications. 48x48 png grayscale with transparency.

From that definition, it is the notification icon in the status bar for android. But right now it is the notification avatar icon.

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Is it what a standalone app will looks like? Or the Expo app put icon at different place and stuff? What I’m expecting is that:
My app icon appears in the notifications bar
My Notification icon (the small white v in the image notification bar) appears in the status bar (instead of the expo icon)
The notification doesn’t have the app name at the beginning of the title (Probably the Expo Client notification whom add this)


Did you solved?
Im having a problem too, my icon shows on expo, but when i generate an apk, the icon is just a white square

In the Standalone App, my custom notification Icon is displayed in my StatusBar and in the notifications. You can set the icon background color in the app.json if I remember correctly. For me, the default color was cool. But I still asked the Expo team to be able to set those 2 icons separately.

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be able to set those 2 icons separately