Set status bar icon

Is there a way to change this status bar icon shown on Android (for local notifications)?

@avery5215 this should be a configurable option

That sets the big icon that goes to the right of the notification on Android, not the status bar icon.

While you’re using the Expo Client app, this will always show up this way. But if you build a standalone app, your users wouldn’t see the Expo icon.

It was a standalone app uploaded to Google play. I even exp detached it but the status bar icon still shows Expo’s. Is there some file in Android Studio that i can configure?

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Did you find a solution how you can change that?

Same question. I’ve detached from expo, And I got the expo icon.
Despite the fact the notification doesn’t open the app, I also uninstalled the expo client and only kept my detached Android app. I still receive notifications (so far), still not clickable and still this icon.
Maybe the expo client interfere with standalone apps, this would be weird but that’s my best guest so far.

I had an issue with this as well. I found that the LocalNotification.Android.icon does not set the icon as described here as well. It sets the icon that’s displayed on the right as noted in this post.

I found that the App.js notification.icon sets the icon that’s displayed on the left (even for Local Notifications, which was confusing because it says for Push Notifications)

IMHO, the docs on this are confusing and should be updated.