[Push Notification] [Standalone] Explanation on app.json notification key

I have configured my app.json-> notification as documented.

This config seems to be only having effect on Android build. Also, any color icons will be turned into “white or transparent”, instead of “grayscale”.

It seems that notification is actually talking about Android status bar icon. Is it true?

It would be great to have a more precise documentation on these standalone configs, as it is really frustrating when you have built everything, uploaded to the store, and then to find out something wrong.

Hi @carsonwah - sorry, this sounds frustrating :frowning: I think this might change depending on your Android OS version & device, so it’s difficult to document. In general, the notification key should affect both the actual notification as well as the status bar icon. Could you provide your entire app.json -> notification configuration, along with a description of what you were expecting to see?


Without specifying notification:

With app.json:

    "notification": {
      "icon": "./assets/icons/notification.png",
      "color": "#FE4040",
      "androidMode": "default",

*(notification.png is an RGB image)

I am trying using grayscale image, but I starts to see this issue, so I cannot test it out yet. Will try again soon.

Even more frustrating is that iOS works all the same. (The icon is just app icon)

Hi @carsonwah - I’m still not sure what you’re expecting to see. Have you tried using transparency in your icon? As you alluded to in your first post, Android turns all non-alpha channels into white, so any design in these icons can only use transparency.


I now understand the Android part. Although I still cannot test it out, i guess using grayscale image will work fine.

However, this seems an “Android standalone” specific config. It is true? I do not expect to see a grayscale notification icon in iOS. So this config sitting outside android key in app.json is quite confusing.

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