Request: Improve documentation around notification Icon

Hi @Expo team,

Following my post here,

I was luckily able to get help with my issue on stack overflow.

Some feedback I thought may help others in the future with respect to additional information in the documentation.


  • must be 8-bit color depth. As soon as I changed the color depth to be 8-bit the icon showed up immediately.


  • Tint color specified is what gets applied to the areas of pure white in the icon. On android, the tint is used in the notification message but not the icon in the status bar. don’t know about ios yet.


  • create an icon comprising only of transparency and pure white.

For those visiting the forums, this is a tool i found

(no affiliation, just something i found)


Hey @wexpo,

Thanks for posting this! Is there any chance you could create an issue on our docs repo or even more ideally, submit a PR with your suggested changes?

Let me know!



@adamjnav sure I don’t mind doing that. i’m still discovering things here.
After I publish a new version of app using exp publish, if I look at the manifest there is a link to the icon.
if i donwload that, the file is back to being 24bits?

It would be great if a knowledgeable expert could chime in here. (or is that more likely to happen on the issue in the docs repo?)

I have a feeling my findings may not be entirely correct.

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