Non-working ios requests after building

Hello Guys. Plz help. In app.json i d changed, built app with “expo build:ios” and my ios fetch requests stopped working, all requests just load infinitely(only ios). What could it be? Managed workflow

Hey @valad1997, I’ve got a couple questions to get a better sense of what’s going on here.

  1. Are you saying that your app loads but any requests to your backend get stuck? If so, do you have an Android version of your project that you can test to see if requests work?

  2. Can you let me know what SDK version your project is running? And are you testing your iOS binary on a simulator or physical device?


@adamjnav hello. 1. Exactly, app loads, but any requests get stuck only on ios. All requests works again when i’ve returned back. But i need change name of the app on desktop. Android build is working correctly. 2. SDK version is 40.0.1, RN is 0.63.4. I’ve tested ios binary on a simulator and right in testflight.

Had the same problem, I installed the Command Lines for Xcode 12.4 from and then run brew reinstall watchman. This fixed it for me

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