iOS Build Issues With Loading Screen


I’m having a few issues with the iOS build and deploying to the app store.

I’ve changed my app.json from having expo.loading.backgroundImage to expo.loading.backgroundColor and I’ve even deleted the original image. When I bump the version and buildNumber, run exp build:ios and then test using TestFlight I still see the image and the backgroundColor hasn’t changed.

I’ve searched the codebase and can’t find any reference to the original file. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hey @dancork - I’d love to get your project url so we can inspect the manifest?

Hi @jimmylee, thank you so much. It’s

I’ve been trying to get it on the app store but apple are rejecting it as it’s crashing on load - but I can’t replicate that either. I’ve tried clearing the credentials and using a new certificate and the build is now failing.

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Hey @dancork

From the looks of it, it looks like you’re trying to publish an older version of your app, can you make sure your SDK version is 21.0.0 and try again?

In app.json, change sdkVersion to "21.0.0"
In package.json, change these dependencies:
- react-native to ""
- expo to "^21.0.0"
- react did not change from SDK 20("16.0.0-alpha.12")
- jest-expo to "^21.0.0" (if you use it)
- sentry-expo did not change from SDK 20("~1.6.0")

Let me know if this changes anything.

This has fixed the issue with the loading screen but apple are still rejecting it “as it crashed on launch”. Will create another post for that.

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