Need Help with eject... confused!

Hello people,

Recently, i ejected my expo app and i want to just build an apk of same in android studio,
just to decrease size of my apk.

So i have a question, do i need to eject or detach.
My app was created with crna.

And also where i should eject, like to regular react-native or expokit from where will i get less size of created apk.

If you’re using expo on your sources, u need to use exp detach.

If you’re not using any expo classes like camera, permissions, etc… U can remove expo package from your project and use react-native cli to eject

Using expo is realy more easy, cause the native codes has a serie of pre build features to use on your JavaScript code easilly.

About apk size. U probably will not lost much size on final apk… The rn apps have at least ~=20mb

Hello @victorwads, thanks for your reply mate,
According to npm run eject, i ejected my expo app and im trying it too run by command “react-native run-android --variant=release”
and i get some errors and build is not completed.
Is my way wrong, or am i missing somthing…

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