Ejecting to ExpoKit - after steps help

Hey guys,

I have a react-native project created with CRNA and developed with expo and all their tools. Now my team is facing the need to detach from expo, but we’ll want to keep on using ExpoKit.

I’m able to eject the app and build and run it both from Android Studio and Xcode, all is fine. However, the process of ejecting creates the android project with maven dependencies and expo needed builds.

I’m getting confused from here on. What files should or shouldn’t I add to my team repository (even before android studio generated files)?
Why is there a directory created under .expo-source/android, but it’s empty? I’d assume that in here should be the expo(kit) dependencies, and to upgrade to new expo versions we’d only update this directory (probably ignore this directory on git and each team member install the correspondent version).

Am I thinking this the wrong way, or is there a way to simplify my ejecting process?

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