How Do I Eject An App Completely From Expo?

I am using the latest Expo. I created my app with create-react-native command and have been building with expo but I now want to eject to include more capabilities in the app.
What are the steps to follow to achieve this successfully?

Hi @anatugreen

You can run expo prebuild to generate the native projects.

However, this is no longer needed in order to include native dependencies!

What is it you would like to include that you thought you would need to eject for?

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I learned from research that ejecting is one way to make the final app smaller in size and that some advanced functionalities will be easier to use when working on bare reactnative instead of using expo.

Also please help me look into this issue: expo run:android -d build failed

This is out of date information. With EAS Build your app will be as small as if you had ejected because it will only include the dependencies that you specify in package.json instead of including everything from the Expo SDK.

It might be easier to do certain things in the Bare workflow, but personally, I’d try to get things working in the managed workflow first. Especially if you’re just trying to install some npm that includes native code. Using Config Plugins keeps the changes for each dependency separate instead of you having to manually edit e.g. AndroidManifest.xml etc., etc. Depending on what you want to install you might not even need a config plugin. This makes it much easier to upgrade to later versions of React Native in future. So even if you need to write a config plugin to support something that does not yet have one, I would personally rather do that and have easier upgrades in future.

I’ll follow up on the other thread.


I appreciate your answers. I think I am now convinced to proceed with expo workflow for now.
Thanks again.

You can always run expo prebuild in future if you find the managed workflow is not working for you :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot. I have updated the other topic with the error I keep getting, please take a look: expo run:android -d build failed

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