Created standalone app with CRNA, why APK sizes differ?

Hey All!
I tried two ways to compose a standalone Android app from CRNA project:

  1. Use the Expo “exp build” command (this guide)
  2. Eject and build an APK manually (this guide)
    Both ways work well and yield the working APKs, but the first one is of 26MB size while the second on if only 7MB!
    Why “exp build” generates so large APK? Why the sizes of the same application APKs differ so much?

Did you eject to ExpoKit or a vanilla RN project?

No, just regular “eject”, because I’m not using ExpoKit components at all.
The only Expo stuff that is being used - is the configuration in app.json and project boilerplate created with “create-react-native-app”

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