Need help. Updating Android app, certificate not match

Hi to everyone! I would appreciate if someone help me with advice.

I’m working on a project, made by previous developer. Everything was ok. I’ve published updates of our app on Play market and AppStore. But yesterday when i tried to upload new version apk in Playmarket closed beta, it was rejected.
“The downloaded APK file is signed with a certificate that is different from the one you specified.”
In project i dont heve any cert. I’ve contacted previous developer, he also have nothing and said that at the beginning pick option to Expo handle this for him.
So now i have no idea what to do. Please help.

Tell me is there any additional information that i can provide?

Is there no one can help me?

I’d look here first.

I’ve been letting expo handle signing of the both our app builds.

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Situation solved by writing to Google Play Support team, creating new keystore, updating certificate on Google Play and Expo.
Thanks to jchristman for link to docs.

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