Android APK Certificate not matching

@nicknovitski We are having issue with the android build certificate which expo handles for us.
We are getting below message when we try to upload the apk file to store.
“You uploaded an APK that is signed with a different certificate to your previous APKs. You must use the same certificate.”

Hello @cartasite,
and are you sure you’re using the same keystore as before to sign your app? Have you by any chance deleted your credential before running the latest build? Do you have any other apps on your account? Could you also send us the build id which happened to produce corrupted .apk?

Hi dsokal,

The last time we release this to android store we have expo handle the certificate for us. This time also we are doing the same.
Build iD is: 510d9dc9-ef93-407b-9b07-877588340329


please check first logs group in your build. It look like you must have removed your credentials -c option for exp build:android before running this build, so that’s the problem. It’s not a problem on our side.

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Go it . Thanks . Is there any provision to add it back ? We do have the back up of the jks file


yes, you can run exp build -c and select uploading keystore when prompted

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