More info on how an app is bundled

  • Whether you are bare or managed workflow: NO
  • Your eas-cli version: 2.7.0
  • What you have tried so far: not sure this is relevant

I’d like to understand how an application is bundled when using EAS Build. I’m specifically looking for what will be bundled as part of the build. I can see the native code being bundled. But will the JS bundles will also be bundled as part of the generated build for iOS and Android, and does not require to download the JS bundles on app startup (assuming EAS Update is not part of the requirement and it is fine if EAS Update will not work).



I think the Migrating from “expo build” page answers your question:

No more automatic publishing before building

With classic builds, the default behavior is to automatically publish your app with Classic Updates as an update prior to running a build. This had some unintended consequences; for example, sometimes developers would run a build and be surprised to learn that their existing app was updated as a side effect.

With EAS Build, the Classic Update’s expo publish command is not run as part of the build process. Instead, the JavaScript bundle is generated locally on EAS Build at build time and directly embedded in the app.

See also:


yup, the js will be bundled, as will all of the assets referenced in it! it uses the same build process as a vanilla react native app.


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