react native expo eas update publish

i have a react native project with expo and eas update i create the first build of the app and deploy it and create also branch and channel and make an update but it dont know if the app is updated if i will download the aab file again it will contain the new updates? becuase i want to add this update to the google play store so i didnt understand how i update this file…

use eas build

Hi @lior98

Assume as follows:

  • You create an app with expo-updates as one of the dependencies
  • You run eas update:configure
  • You build the app
  • You publish it on the App/Play stores
  • Then you just make some small changes to the JavaScript code
  • You then run eas update ... to make the changes available on the same channel that the app was built with

Then those updates should be available to the deployed apps. But the user will need to close the app and open it again. At that point the app will check for an update and download it. The user will then have to close the app again. The next time the user opens the app it will load the updated JavaScript bundle.

So basically if you publish an update the user will have to close and open the app twice before the update is applied.

However, this all assumes that you had expo-updates installed in the app that is published to the stores and that you did not install new dependencies or upgrade the Expo SDK or something like that.

There are more details in the EAS Update documentation.