New snacks arent being saved to my account

Hey there, I have been working a project but none of my work is saving.

I have tried a couple avenues to try and produce this work:

  • Creating a new snack(doesn’t save or show in the snack list after giving me the modal to view my snacks.)

  • Editing an existing snack(also doesn’t save even though it says saved in the top right on the save button and top left which shows how long its been since the last save.)

I’ve tried logging out and back in also to see if this would make any difference but no progress.

I’ve also tried a suggestion from the forums which was to keep making edits and resaving to see if it would eventually save the snack but it hasnt done so.

If someone could shine some light on a solution that would be great.

Many Thanks,

I’ve managed to save a new snack, should be sorted

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Thanks for following up here @rowanreed98.

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