lost all my changes from today? how can i get it back

this is my URL, i have made changes, today, a lot of changes, i lost it, how can i get the changes, is there any history of URL saving mechanism, it would be great, if i can get it, i have experienced this problem 2-3 time in weeks.

Hi @jibran666,
Starting now, we can guarantee that we have a full history of changes you have made to the snacks to your profile, but unfortunately this wasn’t occurring earlier. A record of changes is now being created every time you click save, but it will likely be a few days until we can give you a way to recover it.

It is possible that some of the changes you lost were overwritten in an autosave. You can recover the state of the snack the last time you clicked the save button by viewing your project in a new private / incognito tab without signing in.

I still can’t see the changes, even in incognito, i made yesterday, it only shows the changes from 2 days ago.

Is it hard to rewrite it? I mean if there is code you forgot we could help you. I would recommend as you write code, make a new one with backup. For example snackburger then snackburgerbackup, snackburgerv2 then snackburgerv2backup and so on. I build my apps on expo.snack.io.

i could rewrite it but, i was lot of changes, and this was the 3rd time, i have lost my changes in expo project.

@jibran666, do you remember when you made the changes that were lost?

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