Locally Running a build with specific build profile

Is there a way to specify a build profile when running locally on my device?
example: npx expo run:android -d --build-profile staging

I’m looking for a way to run the application on my actual device with a specific build profile.

Hi @jalipalo,

Yes, you can. You can use the EAS Build command with --local flag such as: eas build --profile preview --platform android --local where preview is the specific build profile in the example project.

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You can also use --variant:

% npx expo run:android --help

    Run the native Android app locally

    $ npx expo run:android <dir>

    --no-build-cache       Clear the native build cache
    --no-install           Skip installing dependencies
    --no-bundler           Skip starting the bundler
    --variant <name>       Build variant. Default: debug
    -d, --device [device]  Device name to run the app on
    -p, --port <port>      Port to start the dev server on. Default: 8081
    -h, --help             Output usage information