EAS react-native apk build Android


Using (exported bare work flow) react-native project.
There must be something I’m missing - how to distribute to others (internal build) in the team without having to run “expo start” - since obviously others cannot see my local url with the metro server.

When I build
eas build --platform android --profile development
I can install only Android phone and run but I need to run expo start to get the metro server.

Eas Cli 0.52.0
react-native 0.68.0

Again I must be missing something stupid
My metro.config.js is:
// Learn more Customizing Metro - Expo Documentation

const { getDefaultConfig } = require('expo/metro-config');
module.exports = getDefaultConfig(__dirname);

eas.json :

    "build": {
        "development": {
            "distribution": "internal",
            "android": {
                "gradleCommand": ":app:assembleDebug"
            "ios": {
                "buildConfiguration": "Debug"

Thanks for any help


You can use the preview build profile which is defined like this by default.


  "build": {
    "preview": {
      "distribution": "internal"

Thanks - this worked

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