How to do a production build locally with native code after prebuild?

I ran expo run:android and debugging works fine. But I tried building the project in Android Studio and I can’t figure out how to get a standalone production build.

At the end of this page it says:

“The classic expo build command does not support custom native code. When you’re ready to ship your app, you can build it with EAS Build or archive and sign it locally.”

What does it mean by “archive and sign it locally”? Can I get a standalone production build running Android Studio right now or I have to wait for that feature?

once you have the native code on your machine through expo prebuild you can just follow standard android app build/deploy practices. if you want more help with it, you can run eas build locally

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Thank you for the fast reply! I will check it out.

I can’t test it now, but I saw on the pricing page that EAS builds for projects with native code are not available on the free plan. Does the same apply to local EAS builds?

No, local builds are available for everyone.

Also, EAS Build will have free tier in the future plus you can try it now for free for a month.

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