EAS build local

Hello guys. I have successfully run expo dev client on ios and android emulator. Now I want to install the app on physical device, can I install it successfully by using EAS build local on my own infrastructure and continue the development?

I’m not sure if I understand the question, using eas build and eas build --local is the same process, the only difference is that local build runs on your machine.

If you want to install it on the device you need to create either:

  • app store build and install it via test flight
  • internal distribution build (signed with adhoc provisioning profile)

the only difference for local builds is for internal distribution on local builds you won’t get link to install ipa on the device, but you can still install it(it should be easy to find how on google)

Thank you for the reply. I don’t want to use the emulator for development it is to slow, I want to use real device, I can’t use USB debug method for installation on my device too so my idea is to run local build and install it on my devices for development.

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