Launching another app in react native

I have read similar topics on my issue but none answers my question. I am developing an app using Expo tool in react native. I need to open an app (TransLoc Rider app) installed/not installed on the device when a button is pressed in my app. The only solution that comes close requires that I modify the app’s info.plist in Xcode. But using Expo, there is no such file created that can be opened in Xcode and modified.

If I know the appName, appStoreID, AppStoreLocale of the app (TransLoc Rider app), how do I effect this implementation using Expo? I have succeeded in using the Linking and WebBrowser objects to open a known website url but what I really need is to launch an external app installed on the device or if not, download from respective app stores.



i believe the preferred way to do this on ios is for apps to take over an HTTP URL, so if the TransLoc Rider app did that, then you should just link to some page of theirs.

Alternatively, many apps have a special scheme they use, and you can try linking to that, and if it doesn’t work, then link to the App Store. Do you know of a scheme that the TransLoc Rider App uses? (Like translocrider:// or something like that)? You could just use the regular Linking stuff to visit that.

But if not, I think you might just need to detach/eject and then you can change Info.plist yourself, if you need this behavior to happen in a very specific way.