Linking to expo app's main screen

I am trying to add a external link in my app to get a user to expo app’s home, since iOS devices don’t have a hardware back button.

The linking section of the docs looked promising where I am using the following snippet to get the user to tap on a button to get to expo app’s main screen.

The Expo client uses the exp:// scheme, but if we link to exp:// without any address afterwards, it will open the app to the main screen.

import { Linking } from 'react-native';
    onPress={() => Linking.openURL("exp://")} 

Is this the right approach? Any other ways to link to the main screen?

Is it working for you?

Hi @nikki, it’s not working. I can do deep linking just fine to other published apps within expo, but can’t do it to the main screen.

So far, I have tried variants of “exp://+”, “exp://exp.home”, “exp://expo.home” but no luck.

@siddharthlatest – as it turns out I think there isn’t a way to this properly right now – if you shake the device you get a screen that does let you get back though. You could request this as a feature in – I’ll communicate internally about this idea.

@nikki Thanks for the quick response. Added the feature request, link for reference -

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