How do I deep link to the IOS store

When I share content in my app I want users who don’t have my app that click the link to be directed to the App Store and then to the relevant content. How do I do this? I have an express backend.

Hey @omorhefere!

Great question, I recommend checking out the docs, in those docs you will find this:

Opening links to other apps
If you know the custom scheme for another app you can link to it. 
Some services provide documentation for deep linking, for example the 
Lyft deep linking documentation describes how to link directly to a 
specific pickup location and destination:


It’s possible that the user doesn’t have the Lyft app installed, in which case you may 
want to open the App / Play Store, or let them know that they need to install it first. 
We recommend using the library react-native-app-link for these cases.

Here is the link to the github repo:! Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for using Expo!

Thank you for helping me out. I looked at the library and it seems to help you open links in your app.

What i want to do is to be able to share links from my to imessage/whatsapp and then have people who don’t have my app click it then be redirected to the app store

What i am looking to do is create universal app links for my app

I’d also like to do this. This is pretty standard native functionality. Is there any way to do this atm? If not, is there a feature request?

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I’m my search for you I found this section of the documentation

Let me know if this isn’t what you’re looking for and I’ll try to find you something else.

Thankyou. I’ve implemented this but this only works when you have the app installed

I’m trying to implement universal links, the kind you can click to open the or the App Store if the app isn’t installed.

Ignore this post. Gave you some wrong info.

If you just want to open a link to the app store, you don’t need to configure anything special, you can open it like any other url:


On modern iOS devices I believe this will open the App Store app directly. If not, you can also try using the itms:// scheme rather than https in the url.

Hi Ben thankyou. The problem I have is that when I share content from my app. I share a link that opens the content. If the person doesn’t have the app that link is useless.

What I want to do is share a link ( universal link/ app link )

That would open the app if they have it installed or open the App Store if they don’t

Hey @omorhefere, you may want to look into using Branch. Seems like it might fit your use case:

Thankyou i will take a look

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