Detached Project Will Not Run On iOS Expo App

I’ve created a new create-react-native-app and immediately detached. The build works fine in Xcode and Android Studio, and accessing the url from the android Expo app works fine, but I’ve tried accessing the url from the Expo app on multiple different iPhones and as soon as the link registers or the QR code scans it jumps back to the home screen. I cannot figure out what could be causing this.

Hi, I’m not sure I understand the problem-- are you trying to open your detached ExpoKit url (e.g. exp12345://something) in the non-detached Expo Client app? The recommended way of developing in ExpoKit is to develop through the custom iOS/Android projects we created for you.


Thanks for the reply, I guess I overlooked that detached projects were meant to be developed strictly through Android Studio or Xcode. I was confused because I was able to continue development of the detached project through the expo app on Android but not on iOS, so I assumed it was meant an error with the iOS app. Thanks for the clarification!