Issue with the app's bitcode compilation


I’ve started to use the EAS service. I finally managed to make the app build however now i have submitted the app to itunesconnect it has failed with the following error …

There’s an issue with the app’s bitcode compilation. Rebuild the app using the current public (GM) version of Xcode

Any feedback would be greate.

hello! how did you submit the app? if you submitted through your own computer there is likely some issue with your xcode environment. try eas submit -p ios instead. also, was this a managed or bare app?

Hi, thanks for the reply. I built and submitted this via eas submit -p ios. This is a managed app.

what sdk version? can you share a link to your build page?

also, can you update to the latest expo-cli version and then show me the results of expo doctor in your project directory?

Build Details — d92f7727-b8fd-436f-bfca-4a076a3f4aa3 — @irblue/orfi-active — Expo

“react-native”: “”,

expo doctor
│ │
│ There is a new version of expo-cli available (4.4.6). │
│ You are currently using expo-cli 4.4.3 │
│ Install expo-cli globally using the package manager of your choice; │
│ for example: npm install -g expo-cli to get the latest version │
│ │
Didn’t find any issues with the project!

I will try updating the expo-cli. Do i need to build and try uploading again after?

you shouldn’t have to rebuild after updating, i just want to see what doctor outputs with the latest version

aiur:orfi-active lee$ expo doctor
Some dependencies are incompatible with the installed expo package version:

  • expo-file-system - expected version: ~11.0.2 - actual version installed: 9.3.0
  • expo-haptics - expected version: ~10.0.0 - actual version installed: 8.4.0
  • expo-image-manipulator - expected version: ~9.1.0 - actual version installed: 9.0.0
  • expo-sharing - expected version: ~9.1.2 - actual version installed: 8.5.0
    Your project may not work correctly until you install the correct versions of the packages.

This was after the update.

you should update those packages to the correct version. if you upgrade by running expo upgrade this is handled for you. it’s not clear to me that this would cause the issue that you experienced but it’s a starting point :slight_smile:

After upgrading all the packages - lottie now doesn’t want to work…

Build Details — ea041507-02b4-4301-a5e0-4d0048d5526e — @irblue/orfi-active — Expo

looking into that. if you can share your project on github it would be helpful. i’m brentvatne on github

try running your build again to resolve the lottie issue. still not sure what the bitcode issue was about though.

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