Issue with Apollo-Client and Expo-web

This problem is really confusing me and I hope someone might be able to help me find a place to start debugging this.

I am using apollo-client @3.rc12 and when running my app in an Ios or Android simulator and on physical devices, everything works as expected. When I try to run the app using expo-web, triggering a query, mutation, lazyQuery they don’t fire at all, nothing in the console that could explain why. I’ve tested buttons that trigger signup mutations and they work all the way up the component tree, the last part of the chain is to fire the mutation, but nothing is ever fired and I don’t see any requests in the network tab.

Has anyone else come across this or does anyone know where to start debugging this? The last thing I want to do is to have to break out the app into 2 separate projects


Hey @fleyver, I’ll raise this issue internally and circle back with any information we can provide.


Hi @adamjnav

You beat me to writing a reply. I’ve just found the resolution, had to go diving into various bits of both libraries and eventually found that it was an error with creating the headers for http requests. I’m still confused as to why everything works in mobile apps, but not on web. That said i have got it fixed.



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