Expo Remote Debugger changes app behaviour

Trying to debug an app on Android. The problem is whenever the remote debugger is connected, the bug does not occur, and whenever the remote debugger is off the bug does occur.

The bug is specifically that SocketIO seems to not connect whenever the debugger is disabled (No problems running app on web using same device) (The app is sending requests to http://undefined/socket.io whenever the debugger is disconnected)

Any ideas on to whats causing the debugger to ‘fix’ my bug, or on how to proceed debugging?

Hi @roeypeleg

The problem with the different behaviour is because when you have the remote debugger running your code is run in your Chrome browser’s JavaScript engine instead of in JavaScript Core or Hermes.

One thing that might help you track it down is switching from JSC to hermes or vice versa to see if the behaviour changes/you get a useful error message.

If that doesn’t help, have a look here: