Is there an Expo API ??

Is there an API to integrate with EXPO EAS?

I want to log into expo from my own app and retrieve builds and publish them from my app in expo.

Something like expo.getBuild() or expo.publishApp().

I dont want to use the EXPO CLI or webhooks

There is graphql api, it’s not intended for public use and might change in the future, but if you want you can use it. You can check eas-cli sourcecode or GraphiQL — Expo

You can relatively easily use that API for querying stuff, but it’s not really feasible to run build or publish , eas cli is doing a lot of stuff locally that you would need to reimplement to use API directly.

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do you know the http url of the api ? and graphql endpoint is under

as I mentioned all that info can be found in eas-cli sources and

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