Downloading build via curl

Is it possible to download the artifact via curl?

For example:

I have tried looking it up, and or just using curl, but no luck.

yes you can download them with curl. follow redirects

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How do you get the artifact urls from the eas cli? Iā€™m looking for what the eas equivalent to expo url:ipa is. Or perhaps expo url:ipa will give me the most recent eas build?

eas build:list to get a list of builds, you can also use --json and pipe to jq if you want. or to just get the latest one, eas build:show or for a specific one eas build:show [id]

example of using eas build:list --json with jq to get the build artifact for the most recent build (if it has one associated): eas build:list --json | jq '.[0].artifacts.buildUrl'

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