Is it possible to use the expo build: ios command if I add the react-native-ibeacon library?

currently I just launched an application and added the react-native-ibeacon library, but when running the expo build: ios command, I get this message

⚠️  expo build:ios currently only supports managed workflow apps.
If you proceed with this command, we can run the build for you but it will not include any custom native modules or changes that you have made to your local native projects.
Unless you are sure that you know what you are doing, we recommend aborting the build and doing a native release build through Xcode.

So I don’t know if it will add the changes of react-native-ibeacon or is it considered a native module

Hey @skapple, that library requires native changes that expo build is not equipped to handle. You’d need to either build locally if possible or use EAS.


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