Integrate expo app into native app


I would like to know if we can integrate an expo app into a native app in this case a swiftui app (IOS).

I have seen this guide and this thread but a long time have passed and would like to know if this is now possible.

Also if possible can the swift ui view pass down stuff to the app to avoid stuff like having to do a separate auth flow?

Thanks in advance,

The guide above from React Native appears to be up-to-date and is worth a look in terms of making it possible use React Native in your existing iOS app. EAS Build can build bare React Native apps, even if no Expo modules are integrated.

That thread is over 4 years old and a lot has changed since then, so I can’t recommend following that.

We do have a guide to for adding Expo modules to a Bare React Native app that may be useful in conjunction with the guide above. There may be some differences in your specific scenario, but these should be good starting points.

Hey thanks for the quick response.

Following the guide the blocking point is expo is not outputing a index.bundle file what would be an equivalent if there is one? [npx expo run:ios] and target let jsCodeLocation = URL(string: "")?

Also not clear to me what should I target for a production build? npx expo export and target the file like “src/dist/bundles/ios-id.js”