Presale/Tech Question: Plan for expo build, regarding support for native code

Hi there,

I would like to know if the new paid service for build service supports Native code even in managed - I read it does, even though it’s in Preview right now. So I assume we can now included libraries that are no in EXPO by default?

But this is the build, does this also cover running the project locally also expo:start ? So can I run this locally with the native library working ?

Does anyone know of a native component/library that’s not included in expo - so I can test it :slight_smile: ?

I am quite excited to try it out and pay for the plan but want to ensure it works - as I think, (see above).

Thanks in advance

Hi @iangregsondev

Yes, with EAS Build you can include native code in the managed workflow. If the library requires more than just linking, pod install and modifying Info.plist then a Config Plugin will be needed. A few libraries include Config Plugins and the Expo Team have written Config Plugins for some others, but because EAS is still new, some random library you want to install may not have a config plugin yet, so you might have to write it yourself.

Yes. This is what a Custom Dev Client is. It’s basically like Expo Go, except it includes native dependencies you’ve installed.

Sure. Try some of the ones for which the Expo Team has written config plugins:

See also:

And also:

You can’t add custom native code to an Expo project – Expo doesn’t support custom native code in projects with Managed workflow. … Expo SDK offers a large set of native modules for the most developers need – try to find one that fits your project. But if you have some specific uncommon needs, Expo may not help you.

Hey @brennan1, while the Managed workflow doesn’t directly support native code, the use of config plugins has greatly increased the ability to use libraries that require native configuration. In addition to that, the Bare workflow is another solution that gives you the freedom to add whatever libraries/native changes you need.


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And with EAS Build and Custom Dev Clients, the gap between the managed and bare workflows is greatly reduced these days.

The Expo team has really done a great job with EAS Build, config plugins and the custom dev client :slight_smile:

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