iBeacon support

Am I correct in understanding that I would need to eject my expo app in order to integrate with iBeacons, e.g. using react-native-ibeacon? Anyone working on adding this into expo?

You can detach and use ExpoKit for iBeacon support, yes. I believe this is on our list for new native APIs, but it hasn’t been scheduled on our roadmap yet.

Any updates ?

Hey @grossi678,

Unfortunately there isn’t any active development underway on iBeacon support. We’re a rather small team and have to selective on what we undertake in regards to adding to the SDK. You’re best option is still to eject and use ExpoKit.



Hi, any news on this topic? iBeacon support would be very useful for location services.

Nothing to report. We’re not actively added features to the SDK during this release cycle. Our focus has been on increasing quality, stability and reliability of our current offerings.

Hi, you still have no plans to add this functionality?

hi, Any update for supporting iBeacon in Expo?

Is there a specific library you want to use?

From a brief search it seems like react-native-beacons-manager might be a good one to use, but I have no experience with iBeacons.

Then, how are you intending to use it? Depending on how you are planning to use it it seems you might need to add some stuff to Info.plist.